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Cancionero came together in 1998 to perform the songs and dance music of the Middle Ages and also early Renaissance music from the Tudor court. Our repertoire also includes folk songs and broadsheet ballads.
We are singers who play a range of fascinating period instruments including lutes, shawms, bagpipes, recorders, fiddles, harp and hurdy gurdy.
We also enjoy teaching and leading historic dances.


We have appeared on BBC Television’s Newsroom South East and featured on Radio Kent and Radio 4’s “Open Country”.


Cancionero perform throughout Kent, Sussex and Surrey. We will travel further if offered expenses and/or hospitality.
Since the core members of the group are now retired and performing purely for pleasure we welcome invitations to play for charity events and anything else which sounds like fun. Several programmes are ready to perform at any time:

  • Music from the age of chivalry - 3 performers - a 45 minute lunchtime recital or could be expanded as an evening concert
  • Rejoice and be merry - 3 performers - a Christmas programme of early and traditional music with audience participation
  • Background music for a medieval banquet - 2 performers - a mix of instrumental and vocal music - up to 90 minutes
  • Ballads and folksongs - 2 performers - songs accompanied by lute with some instrumental interludes - 30 to 40 minutes

    What we basically want is a friendly and receptive audience! Having worked professionally for many years now it's about playing for fun.
    If you would like us to consider any other medieval project get in touch and if it sounds interesting we'll let you know!

    We are available for:

  • concerts
  • medieval themed weddings
  • medieval banquets or fairs

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