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There are many recorder players working hard at raising the status of the instrument but ploughing a lone furrow can be difficult. In 2007 a group of performers from the South East pooled their efforts and presented a series of five concerts under the title of “The Art of the Recorder”. All the concerts took place in Tudeley Church, near Tonbridge in Kent. The church is famous for its modern stained glass by Chagall and has a superb acoustic for chamber music.

The series displayed the recorder in different contexts.

Robert Hoult played baroque chamber concerti and the Gordon Jacob Suite with a string quartet led by Julian Milone.

Andrew Collis and guitarist Graham Roberts played "Renaissance to Rhumba".

Cancionero, with the recorder players Anne and Anthony Purnell, presented a medieval programme featuring the recorder alongside the hurdy gurdy, rebec, oud, fiddle and percussion.

Peter Bowman and Kathryn Bennetts performed a duet programme entitled "Response to Bach".

"Baroque Trios and Contemporary Solos" featured Ross and Nathan Winters with Richard Leigh-Harris accompanying on harpsichord and piano.


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